A Strong, Flexible 2017

We’ve all been through the waves of new health and exercise routines that start with a bang in the New Year only to fizzle out after a month.  What does a regular yoga practice at Core Physio have to offer you in 2017? 

This ancient physical, mental and spiritual art is a balanced blend of flexibility and strength that meets us on whatever level we need.  If our hamstrings are tight and we need to stretch them out, yoga postures like Dandasana (Staff Pose) or Adho Muhka Savasana (Downward Facing Dog) feel great.  If we are agitated and stressed, breathing techniques like Nadhi Shodana (Alternative Nostril Breath) and Ujayi (Ocean-Sounding Breath) are a calming, focused balm.  If we are grappling with life-long patterns and choices, a few minutes of guided meditation settle and center us in the present moment.

Hatha (Sun-Moon) Yoga that is so popular in our western culture today has its roots in ancient aesthetic practices. Legend has it that thousands of years ago, ancient yogis were spending 10-20 hours a day meditating in caves.  They couldn’t leave the physical body behind but it was an uncomfortable hindrance to the spiritual pursuits.  The yogis looked around themselves—observing animals and nature—for inspiration for optimal stretches to help them conquer the body.  Initial postures were chosen that would best prime the body for long periods of sitting.  Out of those experiments, hundreds of variations of the physical movements were born and many yoga traditions have evolved to combine physical health with spiritual attainment.

In 2017 at Core Physio, we will offer a unique blend of the physical stretches (called postures), breathing techniques and spirit-centering methods that will leave you refreshed, grounded and connected.  Starting in February, our classes will be tailored to the two core tenants of Hatha Yoga: strength and flexibility.  They are the two sides of a well-polished coin.  Strength provides us with the stamina and ability to sustain trials; it requires sustained attention and commitment to build physical muscles, focus our minds and withstand stressors.  Flexibility supplies us with lubrication to our joints, as well as keeping us limber and open to new ideas, possibilities and opportunities.  If we rely on strength alone, we can become hardened and rigid.  Although capable of moving mountains, we can lose sight of meaning and purpose.  Flexibility by itself would leave us ungrounded with endless potential but little clear focus for implementing our energy.  Together, strength and flexibility enable us to foresee our purpose for 2017, follow through with those intentions, and stay open to the flow of life around us.

We will need all the support we can get to live dynamic, passionate and healthy lives in the year ahead.  Come join us each week at Core Physio, beginning in February, for a refreshing yoga class that will meet you wherever you arrive and give you the tools you need to enliven your mind, body and spirit with strength and flexibility for 2017!!

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