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CorePhysio provides physical therapy in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is dedicated to helping you feel better, move better and perform to your potential. By identifying to the root cause of your pain and determining what you most fear the pain will keep you from doing, we then work with you by offering effective physical therapy and partnering with you in your care to help restore your normal level of activity.

Your First Visit...what to expect

On your first scheduled full physical therapy visit you can expect to undergo a thorough evaluation while we look past the symptoms of your pain and determine the underlying cause.

Under normal circumstances, you will also receive the beginning of your physical therapy that day so please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

Bring with you a list of any prescribed or over-the-counter medications you take regularly.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


We are currently an IN-Network preferred provider for Presbyterian Health Services and Liberty Health Shares. We are Out of Network for all other insurances.  To learn what your specific benefits are, In-Network or Out of Net Work,  please call our office at 505-983-2673.


I highly recommend Frank to anyone who is searching for an enthusiastic and devoted physical therapist. – Erik De Proost, DPT, OCS, COMT, Cert. MDT

Frank is a very gifted and knowledgeable physical therapist. Perfect fit for those wanting to heal and stay active in mountain sports. He was highly recommended to me and I only wish I had visited his office sooner. –Deb D.

Without question Frank Hatch is the best physical therapist and body worker I know. Frank has consistently achieved outstanding results, healing my various chronic ankle injuries. I highly recommend him. He is the only healer who has identified my pain and made it and my discomfort disappear and brought me back to 100 percent mobility and function. Plus his clinic is a beautiful, serene space. Grateful to have him sharing his skill and expertise in our community. – Samantha S

Frank is a pro, obviously highly skilled and knowledgeable. He was able to quickly analyze my issues, helped me feel better immediately, and taught me great tools for maintenance. He is a cool, mellow guy who cares and wants to help. After years of sports injuries – skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking -- and many skeletal and muscular issues, I’m so glad to have found CorePhysio!  – Ivy R

Excellent service. Frank has a knowledge of the body that is very rare to find. He offered a holistic experience and I’m able to walk out of my boot after two sessions! (I had a second degree sprain and ligament tear five days ago.) – Carey B

Frank is an amazing physical therapist. He has depth in his understanding of the body and how joints/tendons/etc work together. He has treated my whole family and we choose to visit him rather than a PT covered by our insurance. It is better for our health. I have the deepest respect for his treatment and knowledge. - Aparna Huzurbazar 

So glad my friend Andy Lyons suggested I visit Frank for PT--what a knowledgeable, compassionate and effective fellow! Very personal attention and specific exercises for what ails you. Plus the man can do a tape job like a NFL trainer! Thanks Doctor. - Daniel Gibson

I broke my femur 1 year ago yesterday. This weekend I went mountain biking every day, I rode Santa Fe century in the spring and was on the podium at LA Tierra Torture mountain bike race. I worked with Frank Hatch from the earliest stages of my recovery. He was sensitive to my early limitations (no weight on my leg for 3 months) but keenly aware of my motivation and recovery goals. Frank laid the foundation for recovery, I did the hard work. Thanks Frank. - Carl Gable

After a meniscus tear diagnosis I thought I would need surgery. And I even wanted surgery because I didn't want to be in such pain anymore. Thank God I was lead to CorePhysio. Frank is very skilled and knowledgeable in his field. With the at home exercise program Frank gave me and his treatments in the office, my husband and I can enjoy going out dancing again....without the need for surgery! Frank and his staff made this experience a great experience! Thank you for everything!- Susie Vialpando

Dr. Frank was very thorough, thoughtful and helpful regarding my condition- he spent well more than my scheduled time with me, and gave several suggestions for relief ( knee pain from lost cartilage). The staff, Unique, was also very kind and helpful. Highly recommended!! 5 stars! - Montana Standish

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